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What is CopyToy?

CopyToy is a Windows software that used to manage your iPod, iPhone and iPad. With the help of CopyToy, you can easily copy from iPod to PC which iTunes don’t allow you to do.

Copy From iPad, iPhone, iPod to PC and iTunes

Support music, videos, podcasts, tvshows, playlists, photos, contacts, ebooks and more.

Install / Uninstall / Bakup APPs

Easily access APPs on your devices. Bakup and restore them in just few clicks.

Share media data made so easy

CopyToy makes it possible to share media data among multiple PCs and devices. Rebuild your Media Library automagically.

Copy From iPhone,iPad,iPod to PC

CopyToy is designed to replace iTunes which is too difficult to use. You cannot copy data from device back to your computer by using iTunes. Now with the help of CopyToy, you can copy everything back to your computer, for instance the music, playlists, photos, Apps, Ebooks and nearly everthing of your iPod, iPhone and iPad. You can access ever single file like using the Windows Explore.

Sync Playlists From iPod to iTunes

Besides copying music from iPod to PC, you can even rebuild your whole PC music library based on your iPod. It’s quite simple, just select the playlists you wish to copy and drag it to the iTunes Library, and CopyToy will help you do the rest. Or you can drag iindividual songs from iPod to an existing iTunes library. This is very useful if you bought a new computer and you don’t want to recreate the whole library. CopyToy saved you so much time and money to copy from whole library from iPod to iTunes.

Install/Uninstall Apps

CopyToy helps you bacup your Apps on your iOS device, including the user data like gamesaves. You can archive each of your Apps and install them on another iOS device. CopyToy also provides you a Windows Explorer style windows to access the internal file of each App. You can easily download/uplaod/edit internal files of your APP.

USB Disk simulating

There are a lot of empty spaces on your iPod, iPhone or iPad, aren’t there? CopyToys take the most advantage of your device by simulating them as a USB drive. It’s quite simple and easy to use. Just drag everything you wan to take with you to your device. It’s time to throw away your USB disks.

Support iPod, iPad and iPhone

CopyToy is made for all Apple devices, including iPod, iPad and iPhone. It also supports the latest iOS 7. No matter what version of your device, the old iPod classic or the latest iPhone5S, CopyToy always supports. We will also try our best to support future devices and you will get all new features free.

Secure and Safe

As we mentioned above, iTunes is really dangerous to use, especially for PC Starters. It removes your files from time to time. However, CopyToy is very safe to use. It only copy data from your device, it will never ruin your media files. It has been tested by antivirus software as well. So, fee free to try.

How to use CopyToy?

Our goal is to make CopyToy simple and easy to use. You can get your work done by only few clicks: 1. Connect your iPod/iPad/iPhone to PC 2. Drag whatever you want to copy to PC 3. Done and enjoy!

How much does it cost

The price of CopyToy is $24.95 and you can get 25% off by this month. You can download a free trial to take a look at it. We also offer a free version via TrialPay, you will be asked by something else and get CopyToy free as a reward. Please fee free to drop us a line if you have any question.

Key Features

iPod Music To PC

Copy music from iPod, iPhone, iPad to PC. Just select any songs you wanna copy and drag them to the folder your want them to.

iPod Playlists To iTunes

Transfer Playlists from iPhone, iPad, iPod to iTunes. Drag the playlists to iTunes directly via CopyToy screen.

iPod Videos To PC

CopyToy supports copping videos to PC, including movies, tvshows, podcasts, iTunes U and any videos you synod to your device.

Copy iPod Photos

Easily copy Photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod to PC, including Camera Roll and Photos you syned. Fast and high resolution.

Copy iPod Ebooks

Read Ebooks on iPad is a good experience. CopyToy enhance your reading experience. You can easily manage your ebooks now.

Manage APPs

CopyToy can easily manage your Apps. Install/uninstall/bakup/restore your APPs made so easy, just drag them to your PC.


Monut your iPod, iPhone or iPad as an external USB Disk. Copy your files to your iPhone and take it anywhere.

File Access

With the help of CopyToy , now you can easily access internal files of your device. You can access them as Windows Explorer.


You can easily export all your contacts as csv formats which can be imported to a new phone or Outlook.

Easy To USE

CopyToy is really easy to use. You can copy everything by using a Windows Explorer like UI. Drag to copy.


CopyToy is safe to use. It will never ruin files on your device. It only copies data out. Feel free to use.


Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any question. We will be glad to hear from you.


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The Best iPod Transfer Tool
Copy music, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts and more from iPod to PC, sync playlists from iPod to iTunes. Supports iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • Copy music from iPod to PC
  • Sync playlistd from iPod to iTunes
  • Copy photos, camera roll to PC
  • Install/Uninstall/Bakup Apps
  • Tranfer Ebooks, support PDFs
  • Export Contacts from iPod to PC
  • Clean and Safe to use
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